Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Separation Anxiety

Not her.

When I get off work, I speed home (literally - not sure how I haven't gotten a ticket yet) to see see my baby girl and my hubby and Trooper. Yes, probably in that order. Sorry hunny.

Regardless, I speed home and whisk her into my arms, give her hundreds of hugs and kisses and then sit down to nurse her. It's the best part of my day, other than seeing her smile when she wakes up.

Well, yesterday. When I got off work, Iris was in Hillsboro.
That's further away than at home.
That meant I had to drive home, meet up with Brian, wait for Brian to wrap up what he was doing at home, get back in a truck, bounce all the way to Hillsboro in rush hour traffic, wait for Brian to park said truck, and then and only then did I get to hold my baby girl.

It was tough.
I was a jittery mess from the moment I left work until I walked through the door at Jill and Lyle's.
I didn't know I would be like that.
I love her. so. much.

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