Monday, April 29, 2013

Iris @ FIVE Months!

6-9 month clothing
Hair appears to getting denser, but still very fine and fair. . . I can't wait to see what color it will be, and I wonder if it will have the slightest bit of curl like her daddy's hair;
BIG, BLUE blue eyes;
Fingernails that are sharp as knives and need trimmed weekly;
Chunky upper thighs, rubber band wrists, long and lean but with the cutest belly that she sticks out when you change her diaper;
Are all infants earwax factories?!

Eating solid food; drinking from a glass/sippy cup;
Being outside, we are LOVING this warmer weather;
Watching/listening to her daddy;
Her Johnny Jump up;
Riding in her big girl stroller;
Visitng Safeway with mommy in the Moby;
Laying in Mommy and Daddy's bed, telling stories.

Not a big cuddler, too much to do and see;
Sudden/loud noises, especially while she's nursing;
Getting the boogies sucked out of her nose in the morning.

Pulling on her ear/rubbing her face when nursing;
Sucking on her lower lip;
Pooing less, but living up to her nickname TOOTS MaGee;
Making PTTTHHHH noises with her tounge (and thinking it's hilarious).

Nursing (with one or two night feedings still);
Bottle feeding during the days when mommy's at work;
Introducing solid foods: bananas/avocados/pears/sweet potato.

Motor Skills:
Holding her own bottle during feedings, but hasn't mastered the head tilt back when the milk gets low;
Locking her knees to "stand" whenever possible;
Reaching-the food on your plate is no longer safe;
Rolling all over the place;
ALMOST almost sitting on her own;
Grasping - this girl has quite the grip, your neck skin is fair game.

This little imp has SUCH the personality. She goes from shy and coy to loud and boistrous with crazy feet moving all over the place, in the blink of an eye!
She doesn't miss a thing - that mischevious gleam in her eye serves as a warning to mommy and daddy-she's going to give us a run for our money!
Is saying "mamamama mamama" - Brian swears she says it more when I'm home than when I'm not. I'm not convinced it has any implied meaning, yet. (Not going to lie, it still makes me feel good when I hear it though!)

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