Thursday, March 7, 2013

Proud to be a Happy Couple

I love my husband.
I love him unequivocally, immensely, for all of eternity...well, at least while we're together in this lifetime.
I LOVE watching him with Iris. He is the best daddy - she knows it already.
I love that I know we are safe with him, I know that we are loved and cherished, respected and adored.

I'm in awe of his good looks - he still takes my breath away. His kind heart is just as attractive.
I love it when he hugs me and holds me extra tight for just a little longer than usual.
I love how he still looks at me like he wants to devour me.
I love his laugh - how it travels from his mouth up to his eyes and down to his belly.

His stories drive me nuts, too much unnecessary detail - side stories with no relation - but I'll gladly listen to them over and over again (and usually do), if that means we're in the same room together.

I am so proud of him for finally taking the leap, stepping out of his comfort zone and getting a new job, because he knows it will be better for his health and our little family in the long run.

Our days together aren't perfect by any means, they aren't without rough patches, but I hope when others look at us as a couple - that they only see the smiles.
I hope when they ask me about my husband - that I only have good things to say.
I hope that they see we are proud to be a happy couple.

I hope my hunny feels the same way.
I hope he feels like this guy.


Knowla may said...

I read that article the other day and I totally agree! Why pick on someone you're supposed to love and respect!

Lyle and Jill said...

You and Brian both complement each other so is very apparent that you have a deep love & respect for each other even through the bumps of life. Little Iris can feel that love that radiates from both of your lives. We are proud of you both and love you and that precious little girl so much!! Iris has awesome parents!!!