Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Name Iris

It's a funny story... stories usually end up that way with me and Brian, but it's more fun that way.

People ask if Iris is a family name... well... yes. In a round-about sort of way.

I like the classic names. Rose - Grace, etc. Timeless names. Iris is one of those. AND it just happens to be my favorite flower. Why is it my favorite flower? Most likely because of the color... purple has always been my favorite.

Anyway. Iris was THE ONLY name on my "girls name" list that Brian liked at all. He wasn't sure why he liked it, but hey, we agreed it was the perfect girls name and we've been calling baby girl Iris since we found out we were pregnant.

Cut to - about two weeks before baby girl was born... Brian's parents came over for dinner and Brian's mom, Jill, brought some old McDonald family photos for us to add to our family tree wall.  The photos were of Brian's grandparents, Lyle's folks - their wedding day and their 50th wedding anniversary. 

Old photos are the best. I asked Jill if she knew names and dates so I could write them on the backs of the photos... of course she did, their names were George and Iris McDonald.
I look up at Brian. Really hunny?! Your grandmother's name is Iris? 
His response, and I quote, "Oh yeahhhh."

Granted, Brian never knew his grandmother, she had passed away before he was born, and anytime the family referenced her, she was "Mom" or "Grandma McDonald." But still. I couldn't believe it. We were still keeping baby girl's name a secret at this point, so the eye contact and body language between Brian and I was hilarious, and not subtle on my part, at all, I'm glad we didn't give it away. 

So is Iris a family name, yes - but not intentionally - it just worked out that way. 

And Elleene is Grandma Jill's middle name.

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