Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Good, Long Weekend

It was a great and productive weekend full of friends and family-
and lots and lots of LOVE!

:Friday Night
Dinner out with Jill & Lyle at Gustav's
YUM. Bread and Cheese and Sausage - JUST what I needed.

Baby Shower Brunch hosted by Danica and Laura

Dinner out at Wong's King Chinese with Bethany & Josh


Lunch out at Thai Seasons with Bethany & Josh

Monday (Veteran's Day): 
Dentist Appointment - the first one in FOUR-ish years! 
And might I say, this ol' girl still has nice teeth! :) Phew Yay!

Brunch with the Joyce Fam at Petite Province
(minus Bradley- who we'll get to see soon!)

 With all the help around, we got a lot done at the house!
All the furniture is assembled and in the nursery!
Clothes and toys are getting organized!
Nursery sneak peak - the gorgeous quilt from Aunt Brenda!

Thank you everyone - for an amazing weekend!!

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