Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Our FOUR year anniversary is fast approaching - and even though we know there are plenty of things to be worked on at home... a weekend away - just the two of us - sounds divine!
Halloween is creeping around the corner -
I wonder if I'll have the energy or the guts to do something this:
A quiet night at home with my love and TRICKING the TREATERS sounds fun!

I know I for sure want to visit here ( this year, or what about here?!
Now is the time for it!!
And a leisurely stroll through a pumpkin patch or a corn maze always makes me smile.
We are quite envious of this gorgeous patch this family is growing here.
I'm not planning much for Turkey day - I see a potluck style meal - staying close to home - enjoying family - nesting... a baby arriving!!
(DO NOT Google "holiday decor ideas"  - I warned you - so overwhelming!!!)

Christmas is only THREE months away and POST birth of baby.... I can't even BEGIN to think about Christmas... wait, yes I can - but I'm trying NOT to!
(and I may or may not already have a few presents wrapped.)

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