Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's a _________!!!!!

Friday the 13th!!
Our new lucky day!!
We had our 20 week ultrasound first thing Friday morning -
and our follow up OB appointment was directly after.
We stayed strong during the ultrasound, oohing and awwing over our cute little one
but when it came time to check the gender, we had the lab technician print the "gender picture" and seal it in an envelop to be opened later that night!
We spend the rest of the afternoon getting ready for a fun night with the grandparents-to-be and a few of our closest friends who we meet with regularly on Sundays and Wednesdays.
Thank goodness our fave neighbors were home! 
They helped us finalize our crazy "REVEAL" idea!
They got to open THE envelop and were the first to know if baby McD was a boy or girl!

Pink and Blue balloons were filled with orange confetti -
all except one
that one balloon would contain BLUE confetti if it was a boy and PINK confetti if it was a girl!

We were so excited we could hardly stand it!

Desserts and Drinks

Grandmas-to-be checking out the cute profile pics!
 As guests arrived, they cast their votes!

 The boys toasting to BLUE!
Me with my PINK striped shirt and PINK striped straw!

What's it gonna be?
I don't know!
The anticipation was building all night!
We played a fun game and went through a bunch of old wives tales to see if they would predict the gender correctly... the old wives tales predicted a boy!
 Then when we all just couldn't take it any longer - 
we brought out the balloons for the BIG REVEAL!!

Side notes: 
(1) Someone should have told me to comb my hair, sorry I look like such a bum!
(2) Stripes are NEVER good on video - even if you really are pregnant 
(3) I was so nervous/anxious I had THE worst headache!
(4) Apparently I get bossy when I'm nervously excited (Brian says I'm bossy all the time)
(5) Brian and I had NO idea what the gender was before hand - and none of this reveal was staged - 
we are beyond SHOCKED that it came down to the LAST TWO BALLOONS!

Baby Girl is causing drama already!!


While we're still processing the amazing fact that we are going to be the parents of a precious little GIRL - we are beyond thrilled and cannot wait or her arrival in late November!!
It is so comforting to know she is already surrounded by so much love - and Brian and I are so grateful for all the love and support!


Nettie said...

How exciting! What a fun and creative party:)

Rachel said...

How incredibly exciting!!

Twila said...

Oh my!! I was so excited. Didn't scroll past the video in case it was revealed (glad I didn't). CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! (PS. "Twila" is always available! ;-)

Reta said...

That was such a fun idea and I got to see or hear all my other friends.....yeah for mike and Deanna who never miss a party with the video...tell them to pan the audience more so those of us far away can keep in touch....CONGRATULATIONS TO BABY MEEEMEEEE MCDONALD

Bill, Sara, Trenton and Emma said...

Absolutely adorable way to share the excitement with friends and family. So happy for both of you!