Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cow Camp 2012

Saturday 7/21
We made it to Cow Camp!

Well, mom and I made it. 
Brian and Bethany would arrive a few days later due to work.
(and Brad's in TX and didn't make it this year.)

Papa and a few of his kiddos hashing out the plans for the week.
The Montgomery clan has this camping deal down to a science!

The big excitement this year = BABIES!

AJ and Breezy's son Gus made his Cow Camp debut at 8 months old!
It's crazy to imagine that Brian and I will be in the same boat next year 
with an 8 month old baby girl!
Gus was a natural camper!

 Needless to say, Gus was the main attraction!

It's not Cow Camp unless we're doing volunteer work for the Forest Service or Fish & Wildlife.
I joined the crew checking wood duck boxes on North Twin Lake this year.
 Cousins Andrew - Tyler - Brian and Dagan

Then there were two!
Cousin Jes and her hubby Zach came up for a day with 4 month old baby Hunter!
These two stole the show!
Papa got quick a kick out of the little ones, it was so precious to see the big smile on his face when they were around!

More volunteer work - clearing Cow Meadow
 Uncle Jeff said it best: "Doing volunteer work in Cow Meadow where my dad did work 51 years ago - Felt pretty darn good to assist with reviving elk habitat that he worked so hard for."

Brian and Bethany arrived on Wednesday and went right to work.
They got to head out to Crane Prairie Reservoir with Uncle Al to check the duck boxes.
 They found this poor girl wandering the highway!
Luckily we were able to eventually track down her owner.

Bethany and Brian out on the reservoir.

 Bald eagles : Mountains everywhere you look

It's not all hard work - we have plenty of fun too!
Brian won the CAMP FISHERMAN award!
He caught 16 good-sized brookies on four days!

And of course, we spent plenty of time out at Cultus Lake.
 Poor Troop Dawg had too much fun.
He chased the waves on the shoreline the whole afternoon - 
he tore up his pads on his paws pretty good.
The poor guy laid low the last day and a half.
 Baby girls' first time at Cultus! 

More volunteer work - checking the fence line around the cabin.

Papa looking on...

I wasn't able to contribute much heavy lifting this year - 
but I did finish Baby Girl's first sweater! (I'll post on that soon!)

 Down time around camp - showing Papa the ultrasound of Baby Girl

 The clean up crew on the last day of camp!
This was our 56th year at Cow Camp!

 -----------  THE Bump @ 22 Weeks! -----------

Our favorite place to stop on the way home!
SNO CAP Drive In
Sisters, Oregon
 Baby Girl and Trooper hanging out.

 Burgers : Onion Rings : Milk Shakes : and Licorice Ice Cream!

It was a lovely week of family, volunteer work and relaxation!
We all share so many memories from this special place-
and we always look forward to next year!


Joanna Close said...

I love it! SO fun to see all these pictures. One of these days I'll join in the fun - Alex has nothing to say but fabulous things about Cow Camp and was so bummed he couldn't join in the festivities this year. I'm looking forward to seeing all your incredible projects for Baby Girl McDonald!

Joanna Close said...

I'm not sure if I'm posting a double comment - the last one appears to have been erased. But what I said was, in a nutshell - How Fun! Glad to see the photos. And even more excited to see pics of all the projects you have in store for Baby Girl McDonald!