Saturday, June 2, 2012

Welcome June

...and with the arrival of a new month, comes the arrival of piles-o-goodies!
The baby gear is already piling up!
 A hand-me-down glider rocker (that can be recovered if needed) covered with gifts... 
bath towels, bibs, a Boppy pillow for me...
 A neat old Baby Journal my dad had found at an estate sale - printed in Paris!

 Color and Number books from Hawaii - Sporty gear for the future Trailblazer fan!
 HaHa! This gift needs no explanation - just read the label!!
 Cute little headbands...
 Yarn all the way from Peru!
Can't wait to start knitting some booties!
 And of course, plenty of educational material to read up on!

Not pictured: a crib and a car seat!
So thankful for generous hand-me-downs and other gifts of love!
Baby McD is one lucky kid already!


E. Charlotte said...

Fun!! I love that baby journal. How cool! :D

Danica said...

Wow that's awesome that you have so many big items already!

Ms Shelley Shell said...

Congrats Mari!! Such a blessing.. oh yeh and I think you mean "boppy" not "Bobby" LOL!!!

MSue and BMcD said...

Thanks Shelley! (and good call on the typo) :)