Thursday, June 21, 2012

Milestones (17 weeks)

* To exercise more consistently!
These afternoon and evening walks aren't going to cut it, my goal is to start swimming, and SOON!
* Be better at letting myself take naps!
* Get to bed earlier!

Things I Really Like to Eat/Drink
corn on the cob
cranberry juice
baby carrots
iced coffee
cheese and carbs - nothing new there!

I don't think I'm necessarily having any cravings. These days things just either sound good, or they don't, at any given moment.

I think my tastes are leaning more toward the salty side, which is odd for a girl who typically has a pretty mean sweet tooth. I think all the fresh fruit I'm eating is taking care of that.

constant fatigue
I am NOT sleeping well - I'm dreaming like I'm a case study!
itching fits at night
sore lower back
sensitive smell - I'll be the girl with my head hanging out the bus window for fresh air!

...and is my nose getting bigger?!

1 comment:

Shana said...

oh my goodness! The nose thing... I feel like mine kind of swells or retains water or something, which is never good since my nose is already as large as I would like!! I always just thought it was me! :) Fun to keep track of all the changes though! :)