Thursday, May 3, 2012

In Rain or Sleet or Dead of Night!

I don't know if you've noticed, but this year I've been making a conscious effort to blog more regularly.  We had a hick-up with that plan when recently (1) the computer decided to crap out on us and (2) our version of iPhoto wasn't compatible with our new-fangled camera.  Both hick-ups have been taken care of - and now we can get back to blogging!

The projects continue!
We had a front walkway that was in need of severe help.
The concrete towards the house was crumbling away into sand...
Plus that awkward step down at the end was an accident waiting to happen!
Out came the BIG GUNS! 
(My hunny & a jack hammer!)

Trooper was a great supervisor, as usual.  But he was NO help at all when it came to moving all that concrete! It didn't seem like that little walkway could yield such a pile of rubble, but it sure did!

 Our neighbors across the street gave us all their old pavers for free!  It was a little difficult laying the pieces out in such a way where it didn't look completely homemade but Brian and I had fun working on the puzzle together, and it actually didn't turn out half bad!  It did take us a little longer than expected to finish up, especially when ALL the neighbors had to stop over to offer their comments and opinions!

General consensus is TWO THUMBS UP!


Nettie said...

My computer just did the same thing last month that it sounds like yours walkway

Bryan said...

I'm SO excited! to see your new sidewalk and landscaping!

Aimee said...

Your hard work paid off! Looks great. So awesome to score the block for free, too!