Monday, September 19, 2011

Sorry for the sporadic posts friends,

but we are trying to pack in as much as we can to these last days of sunshine and warmth!

The rains of winter are already threatening -

we've had a few good sprinkles come through these last couple of days -

so we're frantically finishing up these summer projects that have been dragging out before we move on to glorious FALL!

What we're looking forward to in the coming days:

:: Our 3 year anniversary and a trip to the McKenzie River! ::

:: An elk hunt in SE Oregon for Brian and the McDonald Boys ::

:: A trip to Texas to visit my little brother? ::

:: More baby showers for friends and family who are expecting ::

:: Holiday Planning ::

:: lots and lots of knitting ::

:: Switching back to interior projects on the house ::

Here's to making the most of everyday, friends!

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Lincoln's Log said...

Mari~ Your post reminded me that you had asked about hunting down in that area Brian got a sorry I never responded! I did ask Sean about it though when you first asked and he actually hasn't ever hunted in that area before so didn't have much advice for me to share. Anyway, sorry again for the slooow response, but good luck hunting!