Monday, June 27, 2011

Catching UP - in no particular order. . .

First of all, I just want to make it clear that NOTHING (well nothing substantial) would get done around this place if it wasn't for this guy -

Current Project : Detached Garage
A little foundation fortification. . .
A little off with the old, on with the new. . .
A little added flair. . .
and lots and LOTS of paint (and sweat and a little blood)!
Finished Garage Pictures * COMING SOON *

What do you do when quite a few whole (empty) wine barrels have come into your possession - much to your delight?!
Why, you have your handy husband chop them up into fun and different sizes, of course!
A full barrel was too large for what I had in mind. . . so handy hubby cut the barrels in half the LONG way to make the perfect planters for me!
He then attached a home-made lattice/ladder inside the half-barrel. . .
I shoveled in some potting soil, planted some honeysuckle and WA-LA!
I'm so excited to have these growing up in front of the (soon to be finished) garage!
Lots of weeding and primping has been going on around the yard - along with lots of me just throwing seeds in the ground and into pots and seeing what happens!
The plants are a bit of a mess, but they're a pretty mess!
I'm going to have a lot of splitting and separating to do next Spring!
:: banana Leaf trees : irises : clover : hostas : columbine : canna : gladiolas : shasta daisy : clematis : lamb's ear : crocosmia ::
:: pampas grass : succulents : hostas : sedum : ferns : lilies : lupine : mini crocosmia ::
:: Trumpet vine getting ready to burst into bloom ::
:: Rows of tomatoes, peppers, artichokes and herbs ::
:: Plenty of figs to go around ::
:: We're so excited, the rhubarb is finally taking off ::
:: Lots and LOTS of lettuce ::
:: Pretty plants in pretty pots ::

: More tomatoes ::
:: The grape starts we stuck in the ground have already sprouted new growth! ::
:: A clematis trailing up the wood duck bird house::

Some time ago, we threw a baby shower for Ben and Mindy Bechdolt. We co-hosted the party with Mike and Deanna Maloney - and of course, I forgot to take pictures at the party!

As with any baby shower, there were plenty of balloons. . . and since Ben had been referring to his unborn child as "Squeaks," I just HAD to make these mousey cupcakes!
Deanna did a great job on the mousey sculptures!
And that just A LITTLE of what we've been up to!


Shana said...

Looks like you've been busy! Your plants and flowers look beautiful!!

Cassie said...

um, would you PLEASE come and plan out my front flower bed. I've been working on it for YEARS now. Yours are gorgeous!!!!