Friday, April 1, 2011


My "To Do" list(s) - yes plural, are getting OUT. OF. CONTROL.
Plus I think they're stressing Brian out. I don't want to be stressing out my honey, especially since his birthday is Monday.

But, this always seems to happen around this time of year, I think there's just something about the nicer weather and longer days that get the ol' mind whirling and churning!

So, this weekend. I'm starting my JUST DO IT campaign! Oh, that slogan is already being used?

Well then, I guess I'll say let's GIT 'ER DUN! That one's taken too? Oh. hmmmm.

Well, I'll think of an appropriate, original slogan - but in the mean time, this weekend, instead of thinking about, talking about and otherwise ignoring my TO DO list(s). . . . there is going to be some major item crossing off-age. I love that part. No little check marks for me when I finish a task, that task get a big ol' gnarly line through it, DONE!

Ok - enough talking, there's work to do! I'm gonna weed, I'm gonna plant, I'm gonna plan, I'm gonna make and on and on and on!

HOPEFULLY - I'll have pictures to show you next week to prove my progress!

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Sandra Ramey said...

I LOVE IT !!! hilarious posting...I can relate to the whirling minds coming along with the warm weather! Looking forward to next posting:)