Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekending with the Wilsons **UPDATED**

We had a fun couple of days in Bend with the Wilsons! Road Trip - boys in the back!

Lisa and Gordon were wonderful hosts!
The girls did a lot of this. . . and this. . . The boys did some of this. . . and we all did a lot of this! A fun weekend with great friends! **UPDATE**
We hit quite the storm on our drive home.
Brian and I set up the sound system for gospel meeting on Sundays,
and we almost didn't make it to the hall in time!

The rain was coming down in sheets, the wind was howling and trees were dropping, literally ALL AROUND US, bringing powerlines down with them!
We were obviously too distracted to snap live photos, these pics are courtesy of


Aimee said...

What a great weekend!

Sandra Ramey said...

Sweet! Looks like goods times and FOOD:) Hey those are our new rellies!

sleepoutside said...

Now why didn't we take the time to photograph the downed trees and power lines! That would have been nice to document as well. Oh wait, maybe because we were late for opening up the gospel meeting hall. Thaaaaaat's riiiiight.