Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Baby Shower for Danica and Tabor

Little Tabor is about 3 weeks old now and Danica needed to get out of the house,
so we threw her a baby shower!
The guests of honor
The sock monkey fabric and burlap banner I made. I used a stencil to spell out Tabor's name and used tiny clothes pins to hold the triangles to the twine. It turned out cute and was super easy to put together! I love projects like that!
Another fun and easy (and cheap) project were the party favors. I found an old metal pail at Goodwill and through the power of Modge Podge, scrapbooking paper and some sock monkey pictures I found, I turned it into a cute bucket Danica can use in Tabor's nursery. The favors were instructions how to make your own sock monkey!

The Spread
Party Guests
Brian helped me make this shelf for Tabor's nursery. I found the wood piece at Goodwill, bought the metal hooks but we had everything else on hand.
It turned out great and Danica loved it!

Danica (and by Danica I mean Tabor) got a ton of great gifts!

Chelsea hand-knit this precious vest and sent it to Portland all the way from Colorado!
You can see Tabor modeling his vest here.

There were a lot of little ones at the party too! They provided plenty of entertainment!

Tabor did great and slept through most of the party,
but he will be enjoying the haul he made for years to come!

Welcome little one!

**More Pictures coming soon!**

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