Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Around the Yard

The poor vegetable garden was first drowned, and is now getting scorched.
The plants are so confused but it seems they're trying to make a comeback!
In the raised cinderblock beds in the backyard, we've got peppers and tomatoes. . .
along with spinach and various types of lettuce. . .
Along the fence, there is corn and the snap peas are really taking off
(the string beans on the far right, not so much)!

There is now a mound of violas under the maple tree. . . and in another flower bed, forget-me-nots, astilbe and other various plants are loving the sun!
The side yard
My day lilies are just getting ready to bloom!
I was given three of these plants and I can't wait to see what color the blooms are!
Yummy lavender (that now has purple buds showing)
and can you believe how monstrous my hydrangea is!
The blooms were a light purple last year, and so far this year they are stark white and beautiful!

I think this is foxglove that I have gone a little crazy with. . .
They add great height to the flower beds but they popped up everywhere!
Pampas Grass from my dad. It's still a reasonable and manageable size.

I love these sword ferns! They were transplants from our mess of a back yard when we first moved in and they are getting huge!
Tiger Lilies
Green and Yellow leafed Hosta and a small red carnation
White daisies getting ready to open on the left, a tall siberiean iris, a stuggling peony, another hosta in front, and devil's walking stick to the right(crocosmia )
I'm not sure what that soft light ground cover is yet . .
that was given to me and I can't remember what is called.
Can someone PLEASE tell me what this thing is that grew out of one of my irises?
Someone gave me the iris bunch and I think this came with on accident. It is huge and is now starting to show some small yellow blooms at the top of the plant! What the heck is it?
More foxglove!
My russian sage is really taking off and smells delicious!
A couple of Banana Leaf trees and a few Cannas
Here are a few shots of my irises. They had a short life this year with all the rain and the lack of sun, but they were beautiful while they lasted. I definitely will be adding to my iris collection, they are my favorites and there are so many types and colors!
Now I'd better get back to weeding!!


Cassandra said...

My goodness woman! What a green thumb you have! Your gardens are absolutely gorgeous. I'm especially in love with the mound of violas...love those little beauties!

Aimee said...

Your yard looks amazing, Mari! Clearly this is where you non lazy Saturday mornings have gone :)

I think hydrangeas can change colour because of the change in acidity in the soil.

Shana said...

Your yard is gorgeous and I love all the variety!! I don't know what your mystery plant is, but they grow like weeds back home and as kids Sean and I used to pretend that it was Indian toilet paper because of the huge soft leaves!! :) Your hydrangea is beautiful and one of my favorites!! I have two that are about half the size of yours that bloom pink every year! :) Happy gardening!

Martine Irene said...

Hey Mari, I'm not really up on my 'flowers' but that's considered a noxious weed and quite invasive here in Bend...it's called mullen. Some people like it, though. Look online to see what's said about it!

By the way your flowers are gorgeous! Wish they grew like that here in Bend!

MSue and BMcD said...

THANKS to the Ziniker ladies for their helpful info! I've learned: Common Mullen -The leaves are soft and velvety. The Native Americans used this plant as bandages for wounds. The Romans dipped the leaves in grease and used them for torches. Native Americans and colonists used the leaves to line their shoes to protect their feet from cold weather. The leaves were also boiled to make a tea that was used to cure earaches.

hmm. . not sure if I want to keep it around, if I do, I'm definitely moving it out of the iris' personal space!

Bill, Sara, Trenton, and Emma said...

Mari, Everything looks beautiful! I do wish we could grow so many pretty things here. Will have to get advice from you when we get our yard and gardens started!