Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Long Weekend in Boise

Over the long weekend, Brian and I headed to Boise, Idaho,
to visit our good friends Max and Amanda Pearcy.
I guess we were having too much fun, either that or I wasn't in the picture taking mood, because I sure missed a lot of photo-ops! But here are a few I did get:
Amanda and I have been good friends since we went to High School together in Newberg, OR.
Brian loved his valentine's present, I really surprised him :: Julia Childs' cookbook,
Mastering the Art of French Cooking.
We can't wait to try out some yummy recipes!
Were were able to visit old friends Nettie and Amy Gillaspy, who have a really cute place in the middle of downtown.
We had a game night with the newlyweds, Preethi and Nelson.
Amanda and I made some yummy valentine's cookies
(most of which were eaten by me and Brian during the drive back home to Portland).
Not pictured:
Eating out at lots of yummy restaurants :: Snowboarding at Bogus Basin :: running into many old friends at Sunday gospel meeting

We had a wonderful time with our dear friends and as always, the trip just wasn't long enough!
Thanks Max and Amanda!!


Sandra Ramey said...

I like the lavender frosting mixed in with other colors!

Nettie said...

So glad you could drop by for a moment! Have fun with the Julia Child Cookbook! I have it and it is AWESOME!