Saturday, August 1, 2009

I like pretty things

Brian had to work today, so I thought it would be fun to do some more work in our front flower beds.  That is a project I definitely can handle by myself.

I had found some flower pots at a garage sale and they've been sitting, empty, on our front porch for a couple of weeks now.  I knew I had to find some PRETTY THINGS to fill them!

I rearranged AND added a few new plants to both the left and the right beds. . .

I think they look much better!
The plants I had put in the wine barrels are doing great, the heat hasn't killed them off yet!

I was hot and sweaty and covered in dirt, but I love the sense of accomplishment you get with immediate results like these!

Yay for pretty things! 
(and I'm not referring to this picture of me)


KatieB said...

Oh, but you are! There's nothing like working in the yard! Your pots and barrells look great!

Sandra Ramey said...

Love the plants and flowers you chose to put together. And pots can be so cool too!