Monday, June 8, 2009

A Yard Work Debacle, Part I

Brian and I decided that while we're waiting for the remodeling fund to replenish itself, landscaping is the cheapest project on our list right now. We've started demolishing the front entrance area. There were a lot of old ugly bushes that needed to come out to make room for the fresh greenery I have in mind!One shrub in particular was not coming out easily.
Brian had a great idea, he'd pull it out with the car!
One large dent and a scratched windshield later, it finally pulled out!

Now all that's left to deal with is this old Rhody. . . we're not looking forward to digging that thing out!This Saturday my master plan is to have the dirt all tilled up,
add some fertilizer, run a brick border around the beds and fill them with lots of lovely flora! Hopefully the weather cooperates!
Stay tuned!

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