Friday, May 29, 2009

Remembering the day that my life changed forever. . .

The date: May 29, 2008

The setting: Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Oahu, Hawaii

The time: early enough to where I was cranky about being up that early

The re-cap:: Mari and Brian get up early on their last day in Hawaii to go snorkeling :: It's so early, its cold. It's not supposed to be cold in Hawaii :: Mari's rented snorkel mask breaks and Mari has to use swim goggles to see under water :: Mari gets stung by a jellyfish :: Mari is cold and mad and her arm hurts and she doesn't want to snorkel any more :: Brian makes Mari get back in the water to snorkel :: Brian asks Mari to marry him :: Mari says, "What is that, what are you doing??" Brian says, "Mari, I am trying to ask you to marry me." Mari says, "Oh, are you sure??" Brian says, "Yes, I am sure."

Thank you Brian for being sure. Thank you for making me the happiest.
I love you :: I've never had one doubt about that.

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Donna and Jim said...

What wonderful memories you'll never forget.