Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Carry You In My Heart

The story that Katie shared here today tugged on my heart strings.

Growing up, being five years older than my youngest sibling, I was way too busy and way too cool to have them always tagging along.
I couldn't stay far enough away from both of them half the time.Today, as young adults, we are confidants - best friends, soul mates. We try to encourage each other, support each other, save each other - but when we don't have the power to do these things, at least we can love each other.

XOXO Bradley Lemond & Bethany Raelene XOXO


KatieB said...

I LOVE this photo of you and your brother and sister! I truely hope that my kids have the same relationship when they get older. Please tell me that you picked on them over and over again, even after your parents told you to stop! That way, I'll know that there is hope! :) Thanks for your comment on my blog today.
I tried to comment on your last post about sanding the floors, but it wouldn't work. Just to glad to see the two of you enjoying spending time together, no matter what you are doing! Hang in there...the end is in sight!


Darren and Maria said...

this picture brings tears to my eyes and is so precious. I believe I remember that day? Siblings are just the best and give unconditional support and love.

Bryan said...

can I be proud of my kids?