Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Spring Cleaning (well, we're wishing for Spring)!

I know, I know, there is still a lot of winter left, but you could have fooled us this past Saturday. It was a beautiful, sunny day and the fresh air and warmth did
 wonders for us all. We had a bunch of cleaning to do before we can start the next project, but getting rid of a bunch of garbage made us feel pretty good too!
I LOVED seeing the rays of sun come into the house through the windows!
Thankfully, my mom didn't put her hand through any glass this time!

We cleaned up the yard debris and a bunch of old wood from when we tore out the
 soaking tub. . . not to mention all the trash we'd picked up, the winds had blown
 garbage everywhere!  We filled Lyle's pick-up and a trailer full of junk to haul off to the dump!

We made the windows sparkle!  It felt so good to get all the storm windows back up and clean.  We had taken them all down when we were working on getting all the windows open when we first bought the house!  We've come a long way!

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