Monday, January 26, 2009

The Ceiling is Painted!


Ceilings are painted!  That means we've finished step 2 of 
"The minimum to get done so we can live in our house"!!
We're getting so close we can taste it! At least we probably COULD taste it if the smell of lacquer hadn't already singed off our nose hairs! 

Don't worry, we can still taste AND smell. . . hence us eating our delicious chicken stir-fry concoction, mmmmm. 

Anyway, the "natural wicker" color we went with for the ceiling looks great against the creamy "millet" color we chose for the woodwork. 
Who comes up with these names for paint colors anyway!!?!

**Natural Wicker**
Of course, we had to cover up all the pretty woodwork that we just finished so no ceiling paint droplets ruined it!

This is my attempt to take a picture while paint particles were flying through the air.  It's a horrible picture, but if you look through the haze you can see how much darker the ceiling is than the boring ol' white color.  
It's more of a golden color than the brown it looks like in the picture.  
I'll have the professionals come over and capture some better images of the finished result!

Tearing off all the paper and plastic is fun, it looks more and more like a house instead of a CONSTRUCTION ZONE
 I don't think light has filtered through our windows since some time in October!!

The 3rd and final step of "The minimum to get done so we can live in our house" is going to be a doozy!! THE FLOORS, dum dum duuuum.

Unfortunately, when we removed the floor paper, the hardwoods HAD NOT miraculously refinished themselves.  We were oddly disappointed with this realization.


Bradley & Anamarie said...

wow! awesome to see all your progress!! you should come visit here and stay a while... and bring all your tooks and painting equipment...



Excited to see the finished product sooN!

Bill and Sara Nielson said...

It was so good to hear from you. Your house is looking beautiful! Good job on all your hard work!

Ryan's Life said...


I just looked for you on Facebook, but wasn't sure if the one w/o a photo was you or not. I looked on Amanda's, but you aren't there! Can you try again to add me as a friend? I promise I'm still accepting new friends! :)