Sunday, December 21, 2008

While the Storm Rages Outside . . .

This weekend is an icy mess!!
Six inches of snow covered by freezing rain makes for one big icicle!

But while the storm was raging outside, we were inside getting another project done on Saturday. . . the timely arrival of a Home Depot gift card from my brother and his wife, had us taking another trip to that big orange warehouse of goodness once again!

Saturday's project was insulating the upper wall above the fireplace mantle and putting up the cement board (hardibacker) over the top of it. With Jon Smith's help, the boys had it up and done in no time! It always cracks me up, I think men spend more time discussing the project before hand and afterwards then actually completing the project itself!!

The wall all primed out and ready to be worked on.

Cutting insulation is fun!

Taping it all off


Putting up the Hardibacker

Now the wall is all ready for the woodwork to be painted and ready for the slate that we have planned for the upper part!

We celebrated a productive day by (CAREFULLY) driving over to Corey & Danica's for a fun night with friends and lots of hot tea!

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MSue and BMcD said...

Chels, hope you don't mind,I borrowed those last couple of pictures from you! Thanks!