Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Family Affair

Dad showed up way earlier than expected this morning to help us at the house.  I had fallen back asleep after the alarm went of and was completely out of it!  After a cup of coffee and some cereal, I was ready to go!  We got a ton of work done on the house today!

We got all the woodwork masked off and puttied.  Now it's ready to quickly sand once more and then PAINT!
Brian finished up on the doors with some putty and Bondo.

Grandma and Grandpa Joyce brought Uncle Vern over to see the house
 and they brought us all dinner!

Lyle and Jill got in on the fun today too!

We had a make-shift dinner table, constructed out of saw horses and a door.  Hey, it worked!

Finishing up for the day.  Feels good to get stuff done! 

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