Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A couple of pretty lamps. . .

That was all it took to get me motivated once again.

Brian and I have been feeling a little glum lately, I think working down in the dark basement has really started to effect us. Of course we are happy that our house is level and completely secure structurally, but we are more than ready to move back upstairs and start working on the cosmetic stuff that makes the house "look good". Not to mention, we need to get the living area ready ASAP, as we have both come down with a severe case of "Trailer Fever!" Newlyweds should only live in a 30'x10' space for so long!

Yesterday during my lunch hour, I wandered the streets of downtown Portland enjoying the autumn sun, and I happened upon a Ross store. How could I have forgotten the treasures that stores like this hold?!?

Upstairs in the "Home Decor" section, I came across these two lamps. The "nesting" instinct automatically kicked into full gear, and my eagerness to start decorating my house was made evident. I decided that they would be perfect bedside table lamps for Brian and I in what will soon be the master bedroom, and at only $9 each, how could I pass them up?! I went back today and bought them.

These lamps will be stored in the attic until the house is ready for them, but it's the idea of them that makes me happy. That one day soon, they will be sitting on the table beside my bed.
This coming Saturday will be a busy day for us at the house, but once again I am looking forward to working on my home side-by-side with my husband. It's an exciting stage for us, the house is our blank canvas and we can't wait to create a masterpiece!


Cassandra said...

Oh my. I'm totally in envy of those beautiful lamps. What a lucky find!

Bryan said...


Donna and Jim said...

Wow, 9$. Thats awesome. They will look beautiful in your home.

Shana said...

What a great find! Makes me want to brave our Ross! :)

I've been meaning to comment all along the way and I have been following along as you renovate your house but never seem to have the time, so let me say now- Wow! I'm impressed! And you asked about Bryan and Lana's blog too... If I understand right, I think Becky actually set it up and does their blog for them and she hasn't really been blogging so that's why it's come to a standstill! Anyway- a long way to say hi and great to see you and all you're up to these days! :)