Thursday, September 11, 2008

We Remember

This morning I was feeling rather pleased with myself, when I walked into the coffee shop and my very favorite pumpkin spice latte was now available. This tasty beverage is definitely not on the "I do" diet list, but I felt like indulging. . .as I walked from the coffee shop towards my office, sipping on my latte, I was thinking of the cutesy blog I could whip up to share my joy of the pumpkin latte with others. . .

I was immediately sobered, and even felt a tad ashamed for my trivial thoughts when it dawned on me what today's date is. . . September 11th.

In my joy over the little pleasures life brings, I don't want to forget the seriousness of events that have happend in the world I live in and I especially don't want to forget the sacrifice of the lives of my fellow Americans. I realize, it's not that I shouldn't feel any happiness on a day of remembering like today, but I need to be conscious and sensitive of how we are all affected differently. It's hard to believe that already 7 years have passed since that fateful day, but it's comforting to think how days like today touch us all - and we are united again as we reflect back.

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