Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fresh air does wonders!

So, yesterday during my lunch break, I decided to walk the "Bridge Loop". This consists of a walk, a little under 4 miles in length that for me, starts on the westside of the Hawthorne Bridge, continues around to the eastside waterfront and, crosses back to the westside over the Steele Bridge. I used to do this walk on a regular basis during my lunch breaks, "pre-engagement" and decided that yesterday was a good day to re-implement the practice. This decision was sparked by the head-ache of all headaches I had on Sunday, and the minor break-down Brian and I had Mondy night. Head-aches and minor break-downs are to be expected when planning a wedding and renovating a house at the same time, I know this. But, what I had forgotten, is that I also need to take time out each day for myself.

For those 37 minutes yesterday, as I was walking along the waterfront, I was completely alone with my thoughts. For the first time in a long time, I remembered what it felt like to have the sun shine down on me, remembered the feel of the wind against me, and remembered how the city sounded around me. There might have been a stray thought or two of the wedding or house that slipped in during that time, but for the most part, I was blissfully . . .blissful.
It's good to be reminded by those we love, the importance of keeping first things first. The wedding will come and go, we'll eventually move into a different house at some point, life will go on. But we will still have each other and it is important to keep ourselves healthy so that in turn our relationship together, as well as other aspects of our life remain healthy.


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Kenneth said...

aww... can a dad be proud? in public? ;)

MSue and BMcD said...

yes, but why does your display name say Kenneth??

Donna and Jim said...

Mari - You are so right. Make sure you always remember that too. There will always be ups and downs. Recently our new car has had problems, our air conditioner leaked through the ceiling, I got laid off, etc. Life can be so stressful and its easiest to take it out on the ones we love because they know us best. I need to take heed to your advice as well.